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Ten years ago Kristian’s specialty was “building muscle”, today however it has shifted into helping his clients alter their lifestyles both from a physical and psychological standpoint, all while learning how to do it on their own.

Proper education and practice of training principles being the most important aspect of transforming the body, Kristian’s knowledge in training enables him to work with older age populations, rehabilitation programming, functional training as well as marathon and triathlon preparation. His desire is to empower and educate his clients by helping them transform their bodies by gaining muscle and losing fat through proper “athletic nutrition”.

A graduate of Ryerson, former Varsity soccer player, accomplished natural Bodybuilder, Certified Personal Trainer and a real estate professional, he values the importance of being well rounded. Kristian also understands just how busy life can get and the importance of exercise in mitigating stress. Waking up healthier and stronger everyday does not just happen. It is built brick by brick. Being healthy is no different. In order to truly see results, one must build their body, mind and willpower brick by brick. Kristian is here to help you with that!

“Your aim should be leaving the gym a better person than when you arrived”

Kristian Halkias – Certified Fitness Professional ~ Accomplished Natural Bodybuilder ~ 10 years+ Experience ~ “Character is forged by the good habits you employ daily” 

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