Alright..  Who gave you the idea that you need to be 2 years old to take a nap?  You need to tell that person to think again!  (Also tell them to read and share our blog while you’re at it.)  Instead of grabbing your usual double shot caramel machiatto soy milk extra dry double hot no whip coffee, grab some shut eye instead.


I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that wont fly in my office..  “What do you think this is Google and my boss supplies nap pods?”  However..  I’ll have you know…  You CAN recharge your batteries in probably the same amount of time or less than it takes to visit your local barista, say the name of your favourite caffeinated delight, wait for your exceptionally long named beverage and get back to your desk!
A twenty minute nap is enough to revive you without giving you sleep inertia, the groggy feeling that can result from a longer snooze.


Here are a few tips to help maximize the benefits of your shut eye!

  1. Know your rhythems. Notice when you start to feel drowsy each day.   When you feel your energy begining to dip, rather than fighting it, give yourself permission to close your eyes, breath deeply and rest.

  3. Find a dark quiet space. This will reduce sensory stimuli. You can also close blinds, wear an eye mask and put in ear plugs.

  5. Set an alarm.  Using a timer allows you to drift off without worrying that you might doze off and miss that meeting!

  7. Lie Down.  If possible try to get as horizontal.  It’s much harder to fall asleep when sitting upright and also, a full recline generally produces a better recovery period.

  9. Go undercover. If you are able to cozy up in a blanket or wrap of some sort, do it! This will help to regulate your body temperature which tends to drop when you are sleeping or inactive.

  11. Meditate.  If you can’t sleep focus on slow deep breathing or a mantra.  This can trigger the parasympathetic response you’re after.  Bonus: Quieting your mind may also help you nod off!