What’s that? You love doing cardio?  I’m sorry I must have misunderstood.  Either that or you are some sort or rare anomaly. 

For the rest of us sub par humans, cardio can be a real drag.  We’ve all been there… Psyched up to do 30 minutes of cardio and then 5 minutes in we come up with some creative genius of an excuse to stop.

Well, I had the pleasure of experiencing interactive fitness, and so do you!  If you haven’t taken the time to ride one the Expresso Bikes at Dwell Gym, you are missing out.  It’s  video game meets cardio workout!

For all of you out there that aren’t gamers, don’t be intimidated!  I’m usually the girl stuck in a corner,  going the wrong way on the track or with so many crashes that no one within a 10 mile radius would have survived.  However, when riding the Expresso bike, the controls are simple, this leaves you focused on your ride.

You use the handlebars to steer, shift and navigate past other riders, which I found very easy to get used to.  The display shows your speed, Expresso-Bike-TorontoRPM, grade, gear, and position on the course.  As well as biometric feedback including your power output, heart rate, and calories burned  so you know exactly how hard to push.

The resistance automatically adjusts to the terrain on the screen for a realistic feel unlike any other exercise bike I’ve ever been on.

The courses range in difficulty from easy to extreme. Tours span from one to twenty miles, which allows you to get an intense extended cardio workout or simply a quick cycle for a warm-up. 

There is something for everyone on these bikes!  You can ride past the pyramids of Gizeh, do some trail riding through a forest, even bike in outer space if you are so inclined (No.. It’s not zero gravity, you still have to work!)

I would highly recommend you try this bike!  We welcome your feedback!

Contact us at Dwell Gym in Lesliesville. We’d love for you to join our ever growing family!

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